Soy milk that is made from grinding, soaking as well as boiling soy beans with the water, is one very nutritious drink. Especially, soy is naturally rich in proteins, fiber, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. These nutrients offer energy and maintain the body functioning at its maximum level. Besides, soy milk has a lot of benefits for skin. In this article, will show you top 11 benefits of soy milk for skin and health. The writing collected a list soy milk benefits from reliable sources. Keep reading this article to learn more these top 11 benefits of soy milk!

1. Hydrates The Skin

One of the best benefits of soy milk is to hydrate the skin. Research shown testimony that drinking of soy milk maintains skin hydrated. Moisturizers that contain soy milk extracts make your skin supple and soft to touch and keep your skin moisturized for one long time. Also, it fights the prominent aging sign; dryness of your skin with ease since it makes moisture in order to seep into your skin, not leaving your skin looking parched, flaky or patchy in texture.

2. Anti-Aging Agent

3. Efficient Exfoliator

4. Protects Your Skin Against UV Damage

5. Curbs The Occurrence Of Acne

6. Improve Lipid Profile

7. Strengthen Blood Vessel Integrity

8. Promote Weight Loss

9. Prevent Prostate Cancer

Soy milk is a high source of phytoestrogen, one unique plant hormone which can prevent the production of testosterone in males. Reduced testosterone levels may significantly stop the prostate cancer risk. Studies have indicated that men who have one soy-rich diet are less seemly to develop prostate cancer or prostate hypertrophy.

10. Prevent Postmenopausal Syndromes

Preventing postmenopausal syndromes is also one of the well known benefits of soy milk. During menopause, a female's natural production of estrogen reduces to a minimum. This sudden reduction of estrogen makes a number of health troubles for postmenopausal women. The postmenopausal women contain higher risks of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Also, they are more vulnerable to mood swings, insomnia, depression as well as other psychological disorders. Moreover, the phytoestrogen of soy is also an effective estrogen replacement. Daily intake of soy is one great way to inhibit and reduce these postmenopausal syndromes.

11. Prevent Osteoporosis

Additional tips:

  1. Boost immune function: soybean has much plant protein, so it has been considered as “the plant meat”. As the human body misses protein, it will result in loss of, fatigue, immunity and other symptoms. Eating soybean may not only supplement protein, but may also avoid the increasing of cholesterol caused by taking meat.
  2. Strengthen human organs and tissues: soybean lecithin may promote the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins, and boost the organs and tissues in human body. Plus, it can also reduce the level of cholesterol in your body, prevent and cure coronary atherosclerosis as well as improve the metabolism of lipid.
  3. Improve intelligence: soybean has a plenty number of soybean lecithin that is one of the vital components of the brain. Having more soybeans can help inhibit Alzheimer's disease. Furthermore, the phytosterols found in soybean lecithin may also increase the vigor and function of nerve cells.
  4. Improve energy: the protein of soybean can raise the inhibitory and excitement function of the cerebral cortex, thereby improving the learning and working efficiency. In addition, it can also help to reduce the gloomy and depressed mood.
  5. Prevent oxidation: especially, the soybean saponins contain an antioxidant effect, which may remove the free radicals in the human body. Moreover, it can prevent the growth of tumor cells, as well as boost the immune function of your body.
  6. Prevent deafness: the supplementation of iron may expand capillaries, ensure blood supply in your ear and soften red blood cells, so it can effectively inhibit hearing loss. Soybean has much more zinc and iron than other food. Therefore, it plays a vital role in the deafness prevention for elderly people.

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